Why Sales Training is important for every salesperson


Many of you reading this article are professional salespeople. And if you’re my kind of salesperson you are always looking for ways to improve. However, the sad fact that the majority of salespeople have no formal training at all. They have raw character make salespeople but really have not refined their craft. This leads to inconsistent results, a talent that does not lend itself to new industries or product lines easily and burn out.

If you are a salesperson who has never trained it is important for you to get some for the following reasons. First, if you’ve read anything else I’ve written I use sport similar to compare salespeople to animals and hunters, and if you have no training that you are fishing with a blunt instrument and dull teeth. You can not possibly be as effective as if you had honed skills and weapons to the extreme point. Second, you do not know what you do not know. All sales training and knowledge was based on the knowledge and experience of someone else. Well-qualified sales trainers and coaches today have been influenced by their personal experiences as well as great sales trainers and writers from the past. Do not reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the knowledge accumulated by those who have come before you who can show you a faster and more efficient way to sharpen your weapons and hone your skills. I need to go on?

If you are a salesperson who has had some training, I would simply say this, when you have decided that you are ready to learn and improve it’s time to stop. No one knows everything and no one is the best. Everyone has strengths and any weaknesses. Why do athletes train and how they do? They train to get better, stronger, and to improve in areas where they are weak. Even the best athletes have trainers and coaches to identify what can be done better, where they can improve, and keep his game in top form. The same should hold true for you. Always find where you are weak and focus and improve the parts method. A good coach will not only bring out the best in you and make weapons sharper than they may already be

To sum up, most salespeople had no formal training and it can benefit all. If you have never had a train it’s time to get some now. If you have had some training, seek out a coach who will make you even better. At Sales Results Fast to add value to all.


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