When choosing Sales training, not Value big names of the big results


Just for fun, take a walk in the local fast food joint phone someone and ask for a cheeseburger medium rare. Obviously, the best thing you’re going to get in that situation is a polite explanation of how organizations work fast. We all know that when we choose a place where you order meals numerically, we are trading a little quality for the price.

Given that it is not exactly a secret, it’s surprising how many companies spend big dollars bringing in “brand” sales training. I’m not talking about meetings with customers, experts or established sales myths, by the way, than the run-of-the-mill keynotes and workshops given by the public, including “license” training partners.

I’m not sure I understand the appeal. Surely, booking one of these training sessions, saving you a small fortune over with the actual best-selling author appear in person, but in view of the price for a “stand” are generally consistent with other known trainers, is that really represent a value?

point sales training should be to improve the sales of your company. There is no other goal – it does not have something to put in the company newsletter, do not get some signed copies of the book, and certainly not to look around to find the same program all your colleagues and competitors have used. What you’re looking for is a competitive advantage, something that is going to bring in new business, not the same technology prospects are hearing every day.

If this sounds like I’m picking on smaller companies with reduced budgets, I apologize. I realize that not everyone can afford large expenses, and decisions have to be made with a bottom-line perspective. But really, it’s all my point … the only thing you are “saved” by going with copycat sales coach’s future earnings. Staff need to learn from someone who not only understands your business and industry, but who has been out on the field and see what they have faced. Those insights come not from a book or manual, and they certainly do not come from a speech regurgitating someone else’s word for word.

value of all sales training results in the following weeks and months – not in the name of the top sheet. If you find yourself tempted to hire unheard-of coach of “national plan” then think long and hard about what you’re actually going to get for your money.


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