The Importance of Sales Training Videos


All top sales analyst you meet is constantly learning, learning, training, read, network, attend seminars and watch sales training video to constantly increase their sales.

Why is it important? Because the competition never sleeps and someone is always going to try to knock you off of the top spot!

Let’s face it, a career in sales is more difficult today than it was 10 years ago .. decisions and procurement experts are getting better every day. They have more information at their fingertips, they are much more informed and analysis process and they have more options to choose from than ever before.

So what do you do? Do you keep using the same old sales techniques and sales method that you have used since you started your career? A: Not if you want to succeed

As a true Sales Professional you have to manage a career just like professional athletes do. You need to constantly improve sales skills, continue to search for new sales methods and new technologies, adapt to the ever-changing landscape and be open to reach beyond your comfort zone and try something new.

Do you get a better class? Are you constantly improving sales skills? Do you listen to the CD in the car as you drive around during the day? Are you looking at sales training videos that are available to you? Most importantly … Are you a sales person competition your fears?

If you are ready to bring out your “A” game, start by visiting some of the top sales blogs you will find after you do a Google search on the sale of Blogs. These sites and other marketing blogs, offering tons of wonderful articles and free resources on all aspects of sales. Find area development (weakness) and find relevant articles and guides to help you get better in those areas.

Next, if you are not one already, I would also suggest that you start building a personal library of sales resources such as sales training videos and inspirational or motivational CDs, and books on selling strategies.

I would encourage all sales reps, veterans and newbies alike, to write down your personal goals or commitment to yourself to improve your sales skills and personal development. Do it today! Write down your goals, be very specific and important … put them somewhere you will remember to check them every day

Here are some suggestions that I use with my sales reps !:

o Read a new sales skills training books every month.

o Invest in sound program of self-development and listen to it in the car every day.

o Buy a sales training video and encourage fellow students to do the same, then share videos with each other.

o Commit to meet at least one sales level courses or Webinar twice a year

As you multiply your input on sales training information and self improvement content, you will start to collect some outstanding “AH- ha’s hit home with you, and you can then start to take this street.

I can tell you from personal experience that the first time you make a sale, a new technology that you learned sales training videos you watch, you will be hooked on your personal development!

If you consider your career as a professional athlete approaching their career, you’ll find yourself at the top of the sales charts and leaderboard very fast!


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