The Art of Sales and sales training


The practice of “selling” is an art that requires special skills and, where it is the art, the outcome is never guaranteed. Science, on the other hand, will generate predictable outcome because science is based on the law. In science, for example, one plus one will always equal two. Since “sell” and art, the best thing you can do is to reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of success. You accomplish that through sales training and sales skills perfection.

salesmanship is an art form and also sales training. Training or guidance in any art form leaves much room for different views and concepts. After all, it is not just a drama school or work process. That said, I want to give you a couple of twists my comments on some common believes held in the world of sales and sales training.

Rarely’s closing skills

All too often, when a salesperson fails to close an order, it is time for judgment on the closure of their skills. For that reason, the closure skills program one of the most popular sales training. However, more often than not, it is difficult for a salesperson to identify exactly where they went wrong. Based on my experience, the problem is rarely related to closing skills.

Selling is a process consisting of a series of well defined steps. Each step must be completed before you can proceed to the next step in the sales process. Closure is just one step in the sales process. If, for example, you failed to ask the right questions and never uncovered a need for the product, any closing skills in the world will not help you get the sale. In fact, when you consider all the steps in the sales process, closure is the simplest and most natural step but only when you have first completed all the previous steps in the sales process.

three words you never hear in sales

Lost Order reports could be a valuable sales tool but all to often they are nothing more than useless, if not harmful, newspaper . I say that because there are three words that I have never seen the lost order report. These words are … “We were outsold”. You know reps get outsold all the time but it is never taken, especially on Lost Order report.

The purpose of a Lost Order report is to correct something that caused the order to be lost. So, managers spend days trying to fix pricing, missing features, contract and a host of other items that appear on Lost Order reports but often had nothing to failure to close the business. It is just too difficult for most of the sales system to recognize that they were simply outsold.

What do you think would happen if these three words, “We were outsold”, started appearing on Lost Order Reports? That’s right, the sales managers would start fix the right problem … sales skills. They would go out and get some great sales training and make sales skills center’s cultural agency.

Stop and Start Qualifying disqualifying prospects

last little twist my it could make a big difference for many salespeople. If we are tasked to get a chance to look for reasons to do just that, ie qualified prospects. I think it’s safer approach and the approach is to look for reasons to judge prospects. That method will keep your food honest and prevent you from investing time with prospects who will never or never buy from you.

Sales Training

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to sales, you need to have a solid foundation for basic and advanced sales skills. You get the sales skills in solid sales training. However, when you are the foundation firmly in place, remember that you are dealing with an art form that they own skills. The sales Superstars do not play by the rules; they make their own rules. I think that is the biggest reason for the “80/20 rule”. The top twenty percent of all salespeople take creative approaches and force themselves to look at things differently. That’s why they earn eighty percent of all fees.

I urge you to remember “sales” is an art and it your own. But first, establish a foundation solid sales skills . Look at this way, you need to learn how to play the piano before you can take it to the next level and compose a concerto.


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