Sales Training


Shaping sales strategy is a key task in sales training. Sales policies cover a wide range of areas including what products should find a place in the product range; if some of the current products shall be reduced; whether any new products should be added; whether the product design or quality of the product needs to be changed; any models, types, sizes, colors and packaging should be sold, how the product services provided, and any warranty should include an area where policy needs to be formulated by sales management.

regularly have a product line to make food and necessary rationalization measures and improvements made. On the distribution side, channel design, channel types, channel compensation and incentives, swimming training and channel costs, are areas where policies have to be made. On the pricing side, whether prices to match the competition or whether they should be above or below the competition; any pricing method should follow for each class of customer or order; what discounts and rebates should be; the terms of delivery and payment should be approved; if the installment sale or offer limited facilities, or require money down sales, etc., are areas where policy must be framed.

Another key tasks involved in sales training framework for the sales force. Companies typically structure the sales force on the basis of territory or on a product basis. In the case of the territory based structure, the same salesman responsible for all the company’s products in a particular territory. In the case of a product based structure, a number of reseller operating in the same territory, each handling different products. Sometimes the sales force structure is based on the type of customer or customer class. In yet other cases, sales force structure is completed on the basis of which complex comprises a combination of all kinds mentioned above. The concept of territory still very relevant in all types of sales structure.


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