Sales Training – Top 3 Lessons of Why Words matter in sales


In a recent speech by a female minister, ministers have a new hairdresser was asked, “What do you do to survive?” The wise minister know religion is a sticky substance, preface her answer with, “I’ll tell you, but please do not change, do not make assumptions, or do not get all freaked out.” With hairdresser nodding right, the Minister told her that she was a minister.

The hairdresser was silent and was distant. See this reaction before the minister says hairdresser how she serves a large community in 1000 in the neighborhood. At the moment hairdresser drops her scissors and her face becomes bright red and she asks: “1000 people?” Minister says yes; University Unitarian Church. The hairdresser sigh with relief says, “Oh my god, I thought you said you were a housewife!”

We might incorrectly think the words we use and in particular to our industry, products or services, are easily understood by others. Suppose you are a website designer and you specialize in search engine optimization. Why phrase until you know the skills that your client has?

Taking clues from silence or non-Verb. “It looks like I have not said anything so clearly?” Give prospects the opportunity to recognize this to be true or not, and then proceed. Use your ears to your advantage. What is silence said to you? Is a person just needs time to think? Pay attention to the release of scissors, or other non-Verb.

Be aware of how you are served your word. Use your voice to your advantage. It is pitch; variance in your voice. When I hired coach speak he taught several methods to prevent monotone. Use inflection, emphasis on key words. By the way inflection use all of the meaning of the phrase can change. It is a good idea to speed ratio according to the percentage of the people you are talking to. And most important, is clear. Always speak succinctly.

Use common words, take evidence from silence or non-verb and always speak succinctly. The next time you’re at the barber or hairdresser, if you stick with it, your hair will look fine. The next time you have a chance, your words will understand.


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