Sales Training Tips – 7 Ideas proven to increase sales


Many, including some in the sales profession, believe that sales training is a waste of time and money. A popular belief is that sales people are born to sell, and a person either “have it” or they do not, and nothing can be done to change it.

This belief has been proven to be wrong. Selling is a learned skill. Many of the beliefs about the skills required for success are much different than they really necessary

Below is a list of truths about the sales profession :.

Sales is a learned skill. A salesperson will never reach their true potential for this fact is accepted. True experts examined and practice skills proven effective and continue sales training career.

Turnover can call anytime. Many sales reps really believe sales calls can only be made by 9:00 or before 3:00. The professional knows someone chooses 7:00 and others work at night. Experts find people to see them for a full day every day.

minds controls most sales. This is why many sales come in the series. It is often called a lucky streak, but it is not. It is the salesperson “assuming the sale” without faking it. Previous sales programs your brain to believe the next will also buy, and it often happens as a result. It is 100% true faith buyer is going to buy today.

Good Telemarketing is critical. Work backwards and determine how many calls are necessary to develop a full week appointment. This number is the amount of calls that need to be done every week.

Increase selling time. The only time that is real “added value” is the time with the prospect or client. The time to get an appointment, travel to and from places, completing the paper work, and attendance is incidental needs, not the value. Do all these tasks outside of high value-added hours. Increase value selling time can be learned with lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles.

Learn to close. Closure is the most learned skill in the profession. When prospects things about price, color, services, or anything else, the sales pro knows exactly how to act down to specific words. At the site of the protests, there is no time to think. All thoughts should be directed body and prepare for the next 3-4 steps in the sales cycle.

Further sales techniques. Strategies are no tricks, no sales representative would be effective to try to trick someone into buying. Some believe the closure is to use special effects, but it is not true. It is simply to be an effective negotiator help customers make a buying decision. For example, through a protest such as the length of after-sales service to be too short, the salesperson should use “right angle end.” This negotiation is simply stating the answer to a question like buying “If I can get two weeks of service changed to four, will you give us a try today?”


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