Sales Training Tip – The Pause, powerful technology that generates more sales


sales courses, you are taught to deliver a message to sell? Listening without speaking really runs counter to the instincts of most sales courses. We are taught and conditioned to present a solution as soon as we hear problems.

In fact, it is almost routine for people to interfere. But think about how you feel when you are interrupted before you finish your thoughts. Do you feel frustrated? Irritated? As you are being sold to? Listen carefully to the customer is not easy but the rewards are great. It is a sales technique that anyone can use to great effect

Here is a powerful sales training tip that can bring you great rewards -. Pause. Does this waiting, and not jump in at the first opportunity.

Sales Training Tip -The benefit of pausing

1. Your customers may be stopped to collect his thoughts, or to take a breath.

2. They may be gauging your interest point of view, to see whether you are listening or just waiting to jump in. When you resist the urge to jump in, you’re often pleasantly surprised to hear that there is more, and it is important.

3. Most people feel uncomfortable with silence, so they rush in to fill the void. Instead you rush, why not let your customers have the opportunity to fill the void?

4. Your customers feel validated and important when you give them the opportunity to elaborate on their thoughts.

5. Pausing gives you time to think before you answer the question or objection

Sales training tip -. How pause

minimize distractions. Focus on your customers, or on pillows where you take notes. If you look out the window and take a traffic jam, your mind will jump to get to your next appointment, you will miss what the customer says.

Use the most natural reason to pause, which is curiosity. Really wanted to hear what your customers have to say will cause you to pause naturally as you wait for them to implement.

So, the next time you ask a question, stop and wait for a response. And really listen to the answer. When the speaker stops for a moment, pause again instead of rushing.

You will both win, because they get a chance to finish their thoughts, and feel validated. And you’re more likely to get valuable information that you could not get one!

You are invited to use this powerful sales training tip to help you increase your sales.


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