Sales Training – The Ultimate sales Secret


What is the secret to sales figures? When it is all said and done, in the heart of the sales champion is brotherly love!

Nine fine-tuned athletes lined up at the starting line. This is what they had trained for. The race was the 100-yard dash. As the gun was raised, tension filled the air. BANG! The gun was fired. Athletes broke out in an awkward trot instead graceful gait. You see, this was the Seattle Special Olympics. Special was mild for this competition champions.

One of the contestants stumbled and fell to the ground. The young boy began to cry. Another eight athletes heard the cries of pain. They paused, turned around, and went to help their fallen comrades. One girl with Down syndrome kissed athlete fall. She said, “This will make it better.” They helped the little boy to his feet and they started arms and cross the finish line together.

That’s what being a sales champion is all about. Care for your customers and you’ll be better. As Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Let me encourage you to take on small projects that can change your career. For every sales call you make this coming week, take a moment and ask yourself this question: “If I were in this outlook shoes, what would I want? When you take the time to think about this question and to take action to fulfill it, then you are truly serve prospects. The true victory in sales and in life is brotherly love.


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