Sales Training – Persistence


Steve Martin (not the comedian), research for one of his excellent books to sell, did a study in perseverance. He found “Less than 10 percent of Top salespeople were classified as having high levels of discouragement and often be overwhelmed by sadness. However, 90 percent were classified as experiencing rare or only occasional sadness.”

Persistence is a topic too often does not find its way into the sales course. We tend to get too busy with product knowledge, searching, asking questions, presenting and closing sales. But without strong sales perseverance you will never achieve your goals; personal, professional or financial. In sales training our company we talk regularly about the hard fought battle and what it took to overcome and win.

If you will be in that top 90 percent, do not cease to sell

· To check your prospect is in your bank competitor friend. And then look for other opportunities in the account.

· Even after weeks or months of little or no sales success. If you do the right things consistently, with the right product, you have to wonder. Guaranteed.

· When your prospect says, “Do not call us for a while,” ask what will be different then.

· When they have thrown every protest and marshal the book at you. Visualize the demonstrations and stalls bullets bouncing off your chest.

Every day you have to work to separate yourself from the average sales person. Every day you have a new chance to succeed and be excellent, professional sales representatives. It is not easy. But when things are not going your way, you have to persevere and make the next call. You have to get back up and swing again and again and again. You must

· Learn

· Practice

· Delivers again and again … Every day.

To be a home run hitter in sales that you can never give up and feel sorry for yourself. Period. There is no crying in baseball and there’s no crying in sales

Sales Homework -. List five commercial selling you do constantly. If you can not think of five, now is a great time to create them and put them into practice.






Sales Managers – coach team to persevere and resilience. This is what coaching is all about – bringing out the best in each and every one of your players. If they are down to help them up. And then kick ’em in the butt to get them going again.


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