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In business, salespeople need to understand their customers as much as possible to increase their chances of making a sale. Each client is always some kind of emergency. Your job as a sales professional to find out what those needs.

Sometimes, you will get customers who will tell you what their needs are. The type of sales just “drop in your lap.” You do not have to do much work for those sales.

Unfortunately, it will not happen all the time, and you can not rely on the sale to make your paycheck. As part of the sales training, you need to find out what the customers need to make a proposal to them. People do not like when sales reps just trying to sell them. It sounds as if they are not genuine; they are just trying to make money; and they do not have the customer’s interests in mind.

Suppose you are working for a company where you must wash your home and wash the windows, and of course you are a sales consultant. By the way, a sales consultant is a synonym for a salesperson or sales professional. It just sounds more prestigious, and probably makes you all salespeople feel very important. No, I’m just kidding, you’re all important, especially if you’re reading this!

All kidding aside and return to sales training, let’s say you’re talking to the home owner and you examine “Have you had your power wash or clean the windows?” They tell you, “I just bought a new window a few months ago, and I have not had my hands washed in close to four or five years.” At this point, there a few options of where this conversation can go. There is a right way and a wrong way.

The wrong way is to try to just make a sale, and we talked about, and not really caring about the needs of the customer. Basically, the client already told you that they have just put new windows. That means you should not try to sell them to clean windows. Therefore, you should only recommend power washing.

By doing this and avoid all the windows talk, you also have to show that you are listening to them. It should sound something like this to come from the sales person: “I would not recommend having your windows cleaned because you just had new windows installed, and they look beautiful but I would recommend that you get power home washing so home. can look as good as new windows. When you have the windows cleaned, you can reach me at any other time. How does that sound? “

It is true that point, and you do not come off like you’re trying to be too pushy. You sound just like a friend with knowledge of the field they need.


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