Sales Training Manual and Modern sales techniques


Pundits – (experts), write most sales training manuals. Most manuals would include follow sections:

Company History, Mission Statement, Opening Jobs, Jobs close, handling objections, and daily activities.

Unfortunately, sales training manuals and sales training in whatever form have little effect for most. This is backed up by many studies confirm that training does not change behavior, attitudes, or the results of best selling consultant. This is obviously a terrible Return On Investment. All sorts of things have been investigated to determine the cause of this – from the coach, the materials, the methods, and even sales consultants themselves

Now, we have learned over the years ,. sales psychology must be employed in a sales consultancy world, to become a top performer. We also knew that the training had to get consultants to a point on the smooth and effortless delivery. We knew where we saw that there were behavioral changes required for the new method.

The same applies to data in sales training manuals and sales training in general. It will be the coach. As sales consultants, we are not only trying to absorb information from anything new, but we are trying to change some of their own basic our behavior – and it takes a trained third party. After all, we are converting informational data from either written or oral sources into action items.

Interestingly enough the surveys that have been made on trainers and training companies to determine why training fails. These studies point to the number one reason why training is not “take”. That reason is management. Management goes up to the coach or training company, and they have no ongoing training. The coach, trainer or training company delivers training, leaves and nothing has changed.

It should be noted that all the new skills from any new training manual act as a model for students in these skills. Take in and absorbing information is one – Putting information into practice is quite another. Maximizing performance requires observers to ensure that what was said in the sales training manual has been effectively implemented in the real world.

A model represents a change from what is now being done. The cases are difficult, as one has to form new habits and change old habits. The exceptions are few, as most people get new training, go to training or read a sales training manual with the best intentions to implement, but slip back into old habits and leave the newly learned material in the heat of battle.

coaches, or sales managers are trying to create a new comfort level for the new material. This takes time and discipline. If this is done, return on investment will speak for itself. Convert training with good training practice, and it will change and change in the medium amazing.


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