Sales Training – How to use role play effectively


is a role playing game and videoing a good tool to use in sales courses? This is often a question I asked when meeting potential customers who are looking at the possibility of running a sales course.

Well think of it this way, it’s Monday morning after the big game at the weekend Premier League football coach brings the team to review the game. The video goes and coaches and players watch, every game is detected, the tape is stopped and the coach asks the group what was good, what was bad and what they can do differently next time.

If the video evidence is good enough for the Premiership footballers to see their strengths and development needs then surely it is a tool that should also be used for sales training courses.

I was in Spain recently and I decided that I would go and get some lessons. I used to play a lot of golf and moved a number of years ago and actually got out of the habit. I decided now is my chance to get back into it and guess what, the first professional golf teacher did was admire my swing and the video it.

The video was then played back as a professional golfer pulled each part of running down and analyzed each part he pointed out the good bits and the areas I need to work on, the amazing thing about it was that I did not need him to the point that I moved my head as I saw it myself.

I guess the real point of this article is to say that we all need to take a step away from what we do every day and analyze the good points and that we need to work on.

It is a known fact that sales courses when experienced top salespeople sit down and analyze what they do, they will find areas where they can improve.

We really need to take stock every now and again and check are cutting corners, we are missing the opportunity for you to sell we are dealing effectively with the opposition as effectively as we can we are missing a buy signal etc. So to answer the question is a good idea to play the role of video on sale courses, I say again, if it helps professional footballers and helps professional golfer then surely it will help professional salespeople.


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