Sales Training – How To Use NLP and Covert hypnosis to increase your sales


Sales training can often be boring and at worst ineffective. New Era of sales training uses covert hypnosis and NLP techniques.

What are covert hypnosis techniques? These are techniques that allow the sales person to mesmerize their customers while talking to them in order to close the deal.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is used in more everyday in sales training. It is a system of methods to connect with the individual’s wishes and desires and connect to a particular person on a deep and more influential level. Using NLP in sales training can help sales people understand the importance of rapport.

Rapport is the connection people have between one another, and it is very important in sales. When do sales training, rapport building can be taught and modeled.

It begins by connecting with the person as they are. This is done by what is referred to as mirroring

This is when the sales person begins to notice things about the person they are talking to:., Such as breathing, body temperature, location and even how they speak . Pitch and rhythm of speech are important attributes for a sales person to pay close attention to.

When a salesperson has observed this feature with a potential client, then they start to mirror them. In sales training, it is important to emphasize that sales people use this technology as they should be subtle, not any activities that might draw attention.

The point is to make customers feel comfortable and that the person they are talking and dealing with is just like them. This puts everyone in a more relaxed and notes state.

After they have reflected the material time, the sales person should then pay attention to how the subject talks. In sales training, this can be shown, as a salesperson pays attention to certain phrases or words that one uses.

The salesperson will start using these phrases as well. This continues to build rapport with potential customers. Until this point no hard sales pitch is done, and the work of a sales person will be able to achieve the appearance quickly and start to mirror the natural.

next step when they match their language is to match the mood of the customer. If a potential customer is excited, then the salesperson to be excited.

if the potential customer is soft spoken and mature, the salesperson must subtly match the mood of your potential customer is. This deepens rapport. Now potential customers open, receptive and willing to listen to what the sales person has to offer. All of these techniques can teach and practice in sales training.

In Covert hypnosis, possibly influenced by the power of suggestion. These techniques can also be taught in sales training. Most methods involve getting customers to imagine what you are talking about in their own minds.

All go simple hypnotic states several times a day. It is the act of looking inward, sometimes referred to as day dreaming. In the case of covert hypnosis, potential customer is intentionally involved in this situation with a proposal for a sales person.

When a potential customer is in this situation that they are much more suggestible, meaning that they are agreeable to the proposals for a sales person to offer

Here is an example of covert hypnosis that can be teach in sales training :.

A salesperson asks potential customers to imagine a time in the future where they would use a particular product. This is done in a way that does not create a formal trance state. The client responds by saying that they can handle it. This is a simple example of covert hypnosis.

Another part of covert hypnosis tell the client something and then not ask what it is that you are proposing. This is similar to a parent telling their children to keep away from a busy road and suggests they will get hurt.

The child stays away from the road undoubtedly because the proposal was to stay away from the highway without significant child to ask the message is to use covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is often employed in TV and radio. This happens when a commercial place, making very large claims and the listeners agree that they have to have a product without asking her.

This is because there are messages that are sent to the subconscious mind and the departure of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is much more suggestible.

The same type of covert hypnosis can be used in print in newspaper, magazine and Internet advertising. The requirements are very high, but then read them do not seem to question them.

The use of covert hypnosis preacher is all the time, by having to agree heard their message without question.

All these examples of covert hypnosis is used as a sales technique every day and be taught in sales training.

Obviously reading this article you realize naturally you want to learn more about these techniques


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