Sales Training – All agencies must focus Now


We are now in the economy where all the energy and efforts of the Agency will be focused on selling, marketing and sales training. You are in serious trouble if you do not like the “S” word. Marketing, advertising, organizing, planning will not get you through this business cycle; sell products and services is an important pause point in every organization in today’s economy!

Literally nothing else matters except to sell. Sales efforts must dominate the energy and resources of each company at this time from the very top of the organization down to part-time with complete focus and dedication to move the company’s products and services into the market. If this is not done, the company will cease to exist!

This is new for most business people today to come out of decades of expansion, easy money and consumer confidence. This is a different time where all of us from the CEO to the receptionist must make the shift to sell. Wikipedia says that “one of the oldest human activities is selling and it has been recorded in every civilization.”

Egyptians built one of the first empire based on trade. Later, during his conquest of much of the east, Alexander the Great was able to open the way for trade. In my book Selling to live , I said, “selling the engine company, entire industries, economies and entire civilizations and which will cease to exist when the person is unable to sell their products services in amounts great enough and the price high enough. “

The fact is that there is no reason to plan and organize, if you can not sell your products. There is no reason to buy more inventory, if you are unable to sell out of inventory you have. While cutting budgets and expenditure is popular action by the Commission today, budgets can only cut so deep before management realizes that to generate revenue you are selling products.

You can not save your way expansion, but you can cut your way into oblivion!

Companies that can not sell what they have will not be able to justify advertising and marketing. If you can not sell what you have now can not afford to develop new products for tomorrow. The point is when free money, Easy Credit and consumer confidence disappears each of us is forced to realize that our future depends on selling. Selling is the core of every organization and is the single most important skill needed both employed and unemployed. Those who are selling products and services will never be without a job and never be without the ability to generate income.

Although the CEO be the top dog in the organization he / she needs to wear the hat of the top sales person as he / she has never worn it before. This idea of ​​selling will become a mantra and bleed through to any employee organization. Selling is no longer limited to the sales team and or “certain” people. The survival of each and every organization is subject to the agency’s ability to sell products in spite of the economy. From accounting management skills sell is cardiac organization and this can only be done consistently and daily sales training where the group is reminded daily that sell job of all and the only way out!


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