Sales Training: 4 Essential Skills 2012


Sales training is an important task if you really want to increase the bottom line of your business that have a sales force that can increase your business is a must. It can be tempting to think from the perspective of a sales manager with regard to equal more sales, more sales people. However a broader strategy would be to increase sales from within existing sales workforce by using effective sales training to improve technical selling skills present your sales teams. Here are four skills that every successful sales person has. The good news is that any of your sales people can develop them

1. Persistence and Reflection

with during the course of each sales person is they will encounter numerous setbacks, which outlook reject their product or service. Rejections are part of the nature of the sale and may be the result of a whole different factors. Poor skills selling to be just one of them.

The difference between great salespeople and average is their ability to detect ‘knock back and the underlying cause. Knock Backs can dent confidence and self-esteem quickly it’s great salespeople who can quickly grasp rejection and quickly move on. Poor sales people will typically question themselves wondering what went wrong, bring great sales people instead ask.

What will it take the next time to get a result.

2. Responsibility

Signals best salespeople take them to be responsible for their actions. Salespeople who take on difficult requests and stick to the outcomes will inherently make better salespeople and more sales. They will not shirk responsibility, make excuses for failure or seek to shift blame others for their mistakes. Sales is a process.

When the great sales people get the results they usually follow a certain process. A reflection after sales call can often be found where the issue has become.

3. Adaptability- Tell selling is Dead

The world is changing at an incredible pace and consumer functions constantly change. With the advent of the Internet brought access to lots of information. So often now, throw a sales person or ‘story is checked out online before purchase happens. What separates the best sales people from the rest will be their ability to adapt to new and changing circumstances. There is always something new to learn and those who are set in their ways will not be as successful as those who buy change with the times.

4. Building relationships and close sales

marketing creates a perceived demand for the product or service. Sales team will be using to sell their skills to engage customers to take the next action.

Salespeople must be able to connect with their customers and prospects on many different levels including a personal level. It starts with basic rapport building skills, body language and verbal connection. Over time providing value to the customer will allow sales representatives to earn their respect and customer confidence.

Turning cold prospect into a buyer is the ultimate goal for the salesperson and that can only be achieved through salespeople who master these four main skills.


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