Sales Team Training – Providing Competition


Part of successful sales team training is to teach the team competition. Failing to know the competition or to teach sales team competition can put a group of seriously disadvantaged. Without knowledge of your competitors sales representative will not be able to put together a solution for their prospects that differentiates products and services from your competitors

In most markets, the challenge is not to try to convince the customer to buy your product or service . In most markets, customers when buying goods or services similar to what you are offering. The challenge is to show how your product or service provides more value than the competition. In some cases, also show potential why certain companies are not even rivals, although they are considered rivals from potential customers.

One of the best ways to get your team to know that the competition is to teach the team how to research your competitors. Teach sales reps to spend some time looking at websites and marketing materials of your competitors. Show them how to look at the competitive product offering and compare it to the product line of the company.

Once you’ve reported goods and services competition, then you can focus on how the team is going to analyze your business from the competition. The key is to look for elements of a product or service is better than your competitions. When you add all that distinguish you from the competition you will then see a unique advantage you are coming on the market.

Another way to collect information about the competition is to get it from the customers to your competitors. As the team goes into the field, they are going to be calling the prospects of doing business with your competitors. Teach the team to ask the right questions to those customers. Two very key questions you want to ask are:

a) What do you like best to do business with a competitor my
b) What do you like least about doing business with a competitor my [19459003?]

Knowing the answers to these two questions can be very powerful for the sales team. This will give you a perspective client about strengths and weaknesses of the product line opponents. Armed with this information, sales representatives can learn how to frame their presentations so that they can draw strength competitors and maximize their weaknesses compared to your business.

By taking the time to provide the sales team training on the competition, you give your organization a huge leg up in the marketplace. This will allow you to make more sales, retain more customers, and help your business generate more profits in the long term.


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