Sales of Training – The role of Sales Manager


The Sales Manager requires probably the widest range of skills than any other job in the company. On the one hand they have to be able to guide and direct sales team and also have at least enough selling skills. In addition, one of the most important responsibility is sales force training.

The Sales Manager is charged with the responsibility to deliver the quota through the team. For the team to be successful they need to be trained. The sales manager needs to be able to train.

On the surface this may seem easy. It is easy to say that if you know how to sell you should be able to teach others how to sell. This logic is not necessarily sound. Training in itself is a skill. And just because you can do something does not mean you can train others to do.

To assist in training, a lot of companies have a training department. This is mostly for larger companies that have a great team. Even in the event that the Manager has to strengthen trained. When not training department training rests with the Sales Manager.

Tips for Sales Force Training

One of the biggest obstacles to the Manager to be able to conduct sales training time. They need to take advantage of the time they have with the team best.

One of the ways to “kill two birds with one stone” is the sales training as part of the regular staff. Whether Manager meets with his team virtually online or in person, they could set aside time at each meeting to cover training materials. The strengthening of key concepts in the sales meeting setting can have huge benefits in terms of sales results.

Another tip is always looking for ways to coach and mentor on. When the manager makes a call with a salesperson, they can use this time training time too. Criticizing the call and give feedback on performance. Since the reaction is so close to the actual performance, that coached can actually see how to download training lesson.

Have sales tip each week. The Manager can either write or record sales tip each week and distribute to the team. This can be very effective when the team is not in a central location. It serves as a way to have the team be consistent with the use of pre-determined business approach to selling.

In the last analysis, marketing manager may be very creative when it comes to think of ways to incorporate the sales force training in a very busy schedule. No matter how short the time sales manager or sales force may be, it is important for long-term success to keep selling skills sharp. Without sales training and reinforcement of training concepts, the team will not maintain the target excellence.


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