Important factors for Sales Training, knowledge!


We have just gone through a restructuring process with our online business. Part of this has been a change in the form of the sale of our life and training. Evaluation of business and sales policy has taken countless hours to complete and re-write, but the result has been worth it. We have found a strategy to improve business managers performance and create some structure to their day. We realized that without structure and reliable reporting process, we would not be able to retain employees and keep them to return to an acceptable level. These changes to improve consistency sales for our company and to create a viable and sustainable future in a constantly changing market advertising.

For our account managers to be able to sell advertising in which they need to be seen as an authority on the subject. Our customers were often asked “There’s so many of you in the market, which one should I choose?” if our account mangers could not come up with the answer on the spot they always lost out on sales. This was not good for them or the company as they are committing just sales people who need to make sales to survive. At Work Boot have identified the need to change the sales process to name our competitors and pointing out the differences Work Boot is.

This has proven to work in the past and is proving work effectively with the new reporting process, increase sales and create a steady revenue stream for the company.

sales people or account managers need to be armed with the knowledge and resources of their competition. This way they can answer any questions customers have about the relevant industry. If you arm you sales people with the knowledge you will see a rise in sales and consistency sale.


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