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The Importance of Sales Training


When I started in a rented my training involved after receiving a phone book & told to call. I remember calling the copier seller and he asked if we paid points. I put him on hold, turned to the guy next to me and said: “What is the point?” It was a brutal start and my lack of quick results proved it.

the past two years, many companies have stopped offering sales training. When budgets are cut, it is usually the first thing to go. This is wrong because training helps reps see missed opportunities, explore the variety of choices, and make wise decisions as close more deals. Beginning and experienced reps as get tools to sharpen and refine their skills. Training is also a pattern in the sales process that are both successful and unsuccessful. The following are five reasons why sales training is essential for your business

focus on the Wrong Thing. Most leasing experts never aspired to be sales reps, they had to work and fell in sales. They get the first sales training, which is mainly to gain product knowledge, they were released into the wild. Skills they developed the way they are by trial and error. Trial and error is a good thing, but to really succeed, skills need to be taught, refined, practiced and reinforced.

It is a sad state for reps who never trained. They make mistakes over and over again and no one suggests that they are taking the wrong action. It’s like Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner, he was trying to make a “sale” by sending photos of his private parts to women. Guess what? See that is not going to close the deal with most women. They do not want to see the private parts. Men, take it from me, when women see a man in the minds eye, they are not visualizing it! Untrained sales people are in the same way. They talk about things that are near and dear to them, what they want about leasing, without determining what is desirable prospect. And what about all the media attention that Weiner gets involved? Is this a pressing issue for our country?

As I write this, the main budget negations going on Capitol Hill and the media hardly talk about it. It is as a sales manager focusing on trivial gossip instead of core issues. The key is to find what is most important to customers and ingrain this skill in your sales force.

need to invest in learning and practicing the fundamentals. Tenants today are more complex than ever. There are multitudes of sales reps and fewer renters. Sales is a complex task that requires practice. Athletes spend time every day to practice the timing and implementation of basic skills with the help of professional coaches. Salespeople are no different, to be at the top of their game, they also need to practice the fundamentals of their profession under the guidance of professional instructors.

Some sales managers confuse product training, sales training. Professional baseball players not to waste their time to learn every detail of their bats and gloves; Instead, they practice using the bats and gloves to hit and hit the ball. Likewise, the understanding of leasing is important to determine what motivates customers fill out an application and how to successfully solve customer needs, is essential to success.

Sales training is not about tricks, slick technology closure or complex models are quickly forgotten a few days after. Effective sales training consists of developing methods and techniques that build listening, and show how to navigate the sales process. Even experienced sales people will be constantly practicing fundamental selling and periodic training of professional sales trainers to constantly develop and update them.

Training vs manager. Leasing Industry Expert, Shawn Passman from Passmar Consulting notes that sales mangers often confuse training and control. “You manage a project, you coach development. Continuous sales training is important to get the most out of the sales team. With sales training with benefits increased profits, repeat renters and higher profitability.”

Most times, salespeople fail when they have less than outstanding talent prospecting and do not spend enough time to improve their performance. If you are a broker who works one you can buy a large selection of sales and training books available. Providing detectable value to your customers and they will be less likely perceive you as a salesperson, and likely as a valued resource.

end prospects buy from people, remember it’s all about relationships and relationship training improves skills. Training teaches reps how to get the best prospects, how to effectively sell their services, and how to practice good stress management techniques. It focuses on development and what is truly the sales reps mind. Most reps do not spend time thinking, “How can I end the Better,” but think, “How can I make sure I’m not missing out on an opportunity?”

Experienced Reps. Because of today’s economy, many Sales Manager think that their only option is to cut back on training and instead seeks to recruit sales professionals who, in theory, however, already have the necessary skills needed to do the job. However, most of the same Sales Manager’s are discovering how difficult it is to find qualified salespeople, who have all the necessary skills and personal characteristics. Also, it can not be equated experience or longevity successfully. Any organization that hires only experienced salespeople and fails to provide the appropriate sales training is set up for disaster. The fact is that selling in the climate today is both art and science. Sales is a profession that requires a much wider range of skills than before, skills that need to constantly refine and stable job.

Consistency is the key. Continued consolidation and development is essential to success. The operative word here is “ongoing”. Even if salespeople have undergone progressive sales training, there is no guarantee that they will succeed. It is common knowledge that skills grow rusty over time and salespeople are prone to pick up bad habits along the way or simply skip steps and take shortcuts that can lead to long term problems. Even more important is the fact that markets, competition, technology and customer preferences are stable and growing position changes. This fact requires that sales people are able and willing to review their sales approach often and get regular skills and motivational training. Sales training generates goodwill and concrete skills that pave the way of excellence for reps to follow.


Auto Sales Training – Be Vs Value


Most poorly trained salespeople tend to react with the prospect of price resistance by lowering the price because they feel that they must do this in order to win business. Believe me there is much more to treat the price resistance than is evident in the first round.

What price will always seem high to the prospect or client, given the value of the vehicle is low. Price resistance is one of the best ways to get a feel for the value your prospect has for your offer. If price resistance is low or non-you can find pretty sure they have a high perceived value of a product or service.

key to effectively handling price resistance is to understand this simple, yet profound, concept – people generally say they want low prices, but what they really want is low cost. What is the difference?

Low price is what the customer pays for the car now. This is what is deducted from their checkbook and deposited into yours. Low cost is what they pay for the car over time. For example, if they buy a cheap vehicle to save money, but it is in constant need of repair because it breaks down frequently – they had low prices and high costs. While they may have to save money in the beginning, their costs over time will be much higher than if they had invested in a better car.

In most cases in life we ​​get what we pay for. Buy cheap and you get less value or higher cost. Buy expensive and you get a higher value or lower cost over time. Granted this is not true 100% of the time, but it is a rule.

Price is what you pay for something. Cost is what it costs you in time

What are you selling -. High value or low cost? Many salespeople would rather sell higher priced vehicles, but low prices alone. It is much easier to justify a high price if the value is there, but poor quality and constant product / service problems when value is missing.

Remember, the key to success in selling is building strong relationships. Poor quality, even though customers save money, is not in the best long-term interests. How do you want to remember with your customers? Low quality – or good value at reasonable prices

Consider for a moment the simple thought – if two people want to do business with them will not let details get in the way. By the way, the converse of this is also true.


Benefits of Sales Training


Are you looking to make more money? Do you want staff to do a great connection to potential customers? Are you looking for ways to defeat your competition? A sales trainer can help you achieve the desired results and facilitate the process of running a successful business. What companies can benefit by increasing the knowledge and expertise of their sales teams. Even experienced salespeople can learn more insight.

Could your business benefit from your augmented sales team? Knowledge of the sale is a never-ending process. Skills can be taught, learned, and relearned focusing on new technology requirements and customer behavior. What are some benefits of sales management training? Read on to find out more

Learn to focus on customer behavior

Many successful salespeople agree that their work is largely based on learning and pres aging potential customer behavior. sales training helps salespeople become more involved in the purchasing process from the perspective of the customer. A sales trainer can help staff understand the actions that force buyers to make their decisions and the psychology that makes them appreciate one ‘products and services over others.

Make a short sales cycle

A long sales cycle consumes resources. It is useful for companies to learn ways to shorten the sales cycle in order to ensure the operation and focus on getting new business. A savvy sales team can learn strategies, which will shorten the sales cycle and use available resources to their fullest potential. Sales trainers can teach how to get a bigger customer in a shorter or longer time.

Know people

Sales and people skills are inextricable combination of sales position. Each person is unique, but there are particular patterns or ‘social types’ a salesperson can identify who can help them make sales. Sales skills training can help the sales team identify and recognize certain patterns and social style to change their tactics and methods, depending on the specific circumstances.

Learn to listen

Sometimes, salespeople are so committed to make sales, they forget to listen to the customer to understand what they need and expect. Sales courses can help the sales team improve their listener and understand when it’s time to stop sales approach them to stop and listen to potential customers to establish a connection and extract a sense of what customers really want .

Building trust

Do you realize some why some salespeople are so compelling? Usually it is because they are confident; they are confident in their product / service, but more importantly, they are confident in themselves. Effective sales training can teach salespeople confidence. Increased insurance can come directly from insights into sales training seminar, and it can also be a by-product of the training itself.


The Art of Sales and sales training


The practice of “selling” is an art that requires special skills and, where it is the art, the outcome is never guaranteed. Science, on the other hand, will generate predictable outcome because science is based on the law. In science, for example, one plus one will always equal two. Since “sell” and art, the best thing you can do is to reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of success. You accomplish that through sales training and sales skills perfection.

salesmanship is an art form and also sales training. Training or guidance in any art form leaves much room for different views and concepts. After all, it is not just a drama school or work process. That said, I want to give you a couple of twists my comments on some common believes held in the world of sales and sales training.

Rarely’s closing skills

All too often, when a salesperson fails to close an order, it is time for judgment on the closure of their skills. For that reason, the closure skills program one of the most popular sales training. However, more often than not, it is difficult for a salesperson to identify exactly where they went wrong. Based on my experience, the problem is rarely related to closing skills.

Selling is a process consisting of a series of well defined steps. Each step must be completed before you can proceed to the next step in the sales process. Closure is just one step in the sales process. If, for example, you failed to ask the right questions and never uncovered a need for the product, any closing skills in the world will not help you get the sale. In fact, when you consider all the steps in the sales process, closure is the simplest and most natural step but only when you have first completed all the previous steps in the sales process.

three words you never hear in sales

Lost Order reports could be a valuable sales tool but all to often they are nothing more than useless, if not harmful, newspaper . I say that because there are three words that I have never seen the lost order report. These words are … “We were outsold”. You know reps get outsold all the time but it is never taken, especially on Lost Order report.

The purpose of a Lost Order report is to correct something that caused the order to be lost. So, managers spend days trying to fix pricing, missing features, contract and a host of other items that appear on Lost Order reports but often had nothing to failure to close the business. It is just too difficult for most of the sales system to recognize that they were simply outsold.

What do you think would happen if these three words, “We were outsold”, started appearing on Lost Order Reports? That’s right, the sales managers would start fix the right problem … sales skills. They would go out and get some great sales training and make sales skills center’s cultural agency.

Stop and Start Qualifying disqualifying prospects

last little twist my it could make a big difference for many salespeople. If we are tasked to get a chance to look for reasons to do just that, ie qualified prospects. I think it’s safer approach and the approach is to look for reasons to judge prospects. That method will keep your food honest and prevent you from investing time with prospects who will never or never buy from you.

Sales Training

Make no mistake about it, when it comes to sales, you need to have a solid foundation for basic and advanced sales skills. You get the sales skills in solid sales training. However, when you are the foundation firmly in place, remember that you are dealing with an art form that they own skills. The sales Superstars do not play by the rules; they make their own rules. I think that is the biggest reason for the “80/20 rule”. The top twenty percent of all salespeople take creative approaches and force themselves to look at things differently. That’s why they earn eighty percent of all fees.

I urge you to remember “sales” is an art and it your own. But first, establish a foundation solid sales skills . Look at this way, you need to learn how to play the piano before you can take it to the next level and compose a concerto.


Sales Training Tips – 7 Ideas proven to increase sales


Many, including some in the sales profession, believe that sales training is a waste of time and money. A popular belief is that sales people are born to sell, and a person either “have it” or they do not, and nothing can be done to change it.

This belief has been proven to be wrong. Selling is a learned skill. Many of the beliefs about the skills required for success are much different than they really necessary

Below is a list of truths about the sales profession :.

Sales is a learned skill. A salesperson will never reach their true potential for this fact is accepted. True experts examined and practice skills proven effective and continue sales training career.

Turnover can call anytime. Many sales reps really believe sales calls can only be made by 9:00 or before 3:00. The professional knows someone chooses 7:00 and others work at night. Experts find people to see them for a full day every day.

minds controls most sales. This is why many sales come in the series. It is often called a lucky streak, but it is not. It is the salesperson “assuming the sale” without faking it. Previous sales programs your brain to believe the next will also buy, and it often happens as a result. It is 100% true faith buyer is going to buy today.

Good Telemarketing is critical. Work backwards and determine how many calls are necessary to develop a full week appointment. This number is the amount of calls that need to be done every week.

Increase selling time. The only time that is real “added value” is the time with the prospect or client. The time to get an appointment, travel to and from places, completing the paper work, and attendance is incidental needs, not the value. Do all these tasks outside of high value-added hours. Increase value selling time can be learned with lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles.

Learn to close. Closure is the most learned skill in the profession. When prospects things about price, color, services, or anything else, the sales pro knows exactly how to act down to specific words. At the site of the protests, there is no time to think. All thoughts should be directed body and prepare for the next 3-4 steps in the sales cycle.

Further sales techniques. Strategies are no tricks, no sales representative would be effective to try to trick someone into buying. Some believe the closure is to use special effects, but it is not true. It is simply to be an effective negotiator help customers make a buying decision. For example, through a protest such as the length of after-sales service to be too short, the salesperson should use “right angle end.” This negotiation is simply stating the answer to a question like buying “If I can get two weeks of service changed to four, will you give us a try today?”


Sales Training


Shaping sales strategy is a key task in sales training. Sales policies cover a wide range of areas including what products should find a place in the product range; if some of the current products shall be reduced; whether any new products should be added; whether the product design or quality of the product needs to be changed; any models, types, sizes, colors and packaging should be sold, how the product services provided, and any warranty should include an area where policy needs to be formulated by sales management.

regularly have a product line to make food and necessary rationalization measures and improvements made. On the distribution side, channel design, channel types, channel compensation and incentives, swimming training and channel costs, are areas where policies have to be made. On the pricing side, whether prices to match the competition or whether they should be above or below the competition; any pricing method should follow for each class of customer or order; what discounts and rebates should be; the terms of delivery and payment should be approved; if the installment sale or offer limited facilities, or require money down sales, etc., are areas where policy must be framed.

Another key tasks involved in sales training framework for the sales force. Companies typically structure the sales force on the basis of territory or on a product basis. In the case of the territory based structure, the same salesman responsible for all the company’s products in a particular territory. In the case of a product based structure, a number of reseller operating in the same territory, each handling different products. Sometimes the sales force structure is based on the type of customer or customer class. In yet other cases, sales force structure is completed on the basis of which complex comprises a combination of all kinds mentioned above. The concept of territory still very relevant in all types of sales structure.