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Sales Training – How to incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming


If you are thinking of ways to improve your sales force, you may want to introduce new methods to process sales training to improve the efficiency of your employees. Introducing the concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP can be very useful for your business.

However, no company can recognize how powerful this approach, as it includes, to some extent, hypnosis. NLP is a method to influence the thought patterns and actions of people through human interaction.

conversational hypnosis is a very controversial approach to sales training, especially since people often see hypnosis in a negative light. It is important to note, however, that a total of hypnosis is not intended to harm people by manipulating their actions.

it’s really more of a suggestive techniques in order to make sales, compared to just manipulating people into doing something they would not do without effect. The secret to a good sales process is not a treatment, but to be able to suggest something without making your customers feel as if you are disturbing them.

NLP has been used as a method of psychotherapy for treating depression and anxiety disorder. The key to conversational hypnosis is to be able to target the subconscious to turn certain person must be conscious mind tries to deny.

Most sales strategies feed these needs in order to increase sales. It is these desires that you should aim to be able to sell products and services to customers.

If you plan to incorporate a total of hypnosis sales training process, you will have to focus on building rapport. Building and fostering case Trade is important in the sales process, as it makes your customers feel as if you understand their wants and needs.

Empathy is a critical factor in NLP that has to be established before the method can work properly. You need to send the desired message to your customers so that you will not end up alienating them.

listening is also an important factor in conversational hypnosis. In the first phase, you need to learn how to listen to customer concerns, as this will give you a good grasp of the nature of the customers.

One you are able to fully establish the kind of person you are talking to, you can operate under a kind of system he / she believes in. This is a necessary approach in sales training should not take for granted.

main factor that makes conversational hypnosis powerful and dangerous tool if abused, is to be able to change the views of the individual by demanding basic beliefs. You will be able to create some kind of confusion so that the person you are talking to will begin to question his beliefs.

When this is accomplished, you can just make recommendations. Sales training should be governed by the suggestive process, rather than manipulative aspects of hypnosis.

Everyone has a critical factor and it is this factor that a good salesperson will try to avoid. Most significant is controlled by the conscious mind, it can be pretty hard to get around it. However, by targeting the subconscious mind and make the relevant question their views, you can easily pass the important elements. This is when you can start to throw in sales techniques.

total hypnosis, if taken in the right sales training method, you can increase your profits. However, not everyone is capable of this kind of method of sale, which is exactly why it has not yet been investigated.

Although total hypnosis is a very controversial process, it is important to note that there is a lot of good that can come out of it, not only for business but also for your customers. It is important to control the use of a risk of abuse.


Why Sales Training is important for every salesperson


Many of you reading this article are professional salespeople. And if you’re my kind of salesperson you are always looking for ways to improve. However, the sad fact that the majority of salespeople have no formal training at all. They have raw character make salespeople but really have not refined their craft. This leads to inconsistent results, a talent that does not lend itself to new industries or product lines easily and burn out.

If you are a salesperson who has never trained it is important for you to get some for the following reasons. First, if you’ve read anything else I’ve written I use sport similar to compare salespeople to animals and hunters, and if you have no training that you are fishing with a blunt instrument and dull teeth. You can not possibly be as effective as if you had honed skills and weapons to the extreme point. Second, you do not know what you do not know. All sales training and knowledge was based on the knowledge and experience of someone else. Well-qualified sales trainers and coaches today have been influenced by their personal experiences as well as great sales trainers and writers from the past. Do not reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the knowledge accumulated by those who have come before you who can show you a faster and more efficient way to sharpen your weapons and hone your skills. I need to go on?

If you are a salesperson who has had some training, I would simply say this, when you have decided that you are ready to learn and improve it’s time to stop. No one knows everything and no one is the best. Everyone has strengths and any weaknesses. Why do athletes train and how they do? They train to get better, stronger, and to improve in areas where they are weak. Even the best athletes have trainers and coaches to identify what can be done better, where they can improve, and keep his game in top form. The same should hold true for you. Always find where you are weak and focus and improve the parts method. A good coach will not only bring out the best in you and make weapons sharper than they may already be

To sum up, most salespeople had no formal training and it can benefit all. If you have never had a train it’s time to get some now. If you have had some training, seek out a coach who will make you even better. At Sales Results Fast to add value to all.


Sales Training – What is disguised Implied Need


Have you ever been in a situation where you are getting what you think is close to finalizing a deal only to find the customer comes up with objections?

Some would argue, as salespeople, we do not control all the possible objections upfront, in other words, we have not shown our value proposition in full. However, in reality protests last-minute happen for all of us no matter what we think we have done to make a deal.

What protest?

There is what we call the opposition and how to control protests that will give us an edge in the final deal. I have been asked many times about how to handle objections and the first stock my answer is usually “Have you shown the full value proposition to the customer?” This does not serve a lot of good if the salesperson feels inclined to think, “Of course I have.”

It may be true that the salesperson has indeed not identified some of these objections when going through the sales cycle, but it does not mean the end of the deal. The outlook is talking to us because they have a need, and I would suggest that the object is actually “Implied Need.”

Although the majority of objections are ‘Implications of Need, “there are some that will be described as real; the’ Price opposition” and “products protests. These real objections are handled by reducing the impact of value arguments. Put them against the benefits that have been approved and when their impact is minimized.

So get into our mind that there are only two “real” objections behind why prospects may not buy you will find that all the other protests can be treated – that will allow you to further demonstrate your value

instructed Reflex

Many courses promote the use of scripts feedback response to the typical protest the salesperson will encounter.!. Unfortunately, such methods preclude us from seeing the protests as a positive contribution to sales. As we have discussed, the protests really needs in disguise and using the “reflex statement” We are really ignore Views prospects and needs.

Before we go on, let me give you an example. Read the statement below and consider reflex response from the salesperson

Prospect. “Now we do not have the resources internally to manage such a complex solution.”

Reseller; “If we could show you how easy it could be to make this possible would you buy from us.”

The order response from the salesperson will only harm the sales cycle. This is a wasted opportunity. There are real needs behind the outlook statement. In fact, it is not a protest at all but a series of “hidden needs” which, if explored and developed, would enhance our ability to address all requirements of the client. Can you name all the “implied needs” in a statement on the prospects? Could these “implicit needs” to “benefit statements” that helps close the deal in?

If you can not see the implied needs, it does not mean you are bad at selling, it usually means that you may need to add or hone your skills. Why not write down some of the “objections” that you have seen on the ground in recent months. Look at them and see if you can pull out the implied needs. If you want, send them to us and we will respond to the implied needs.

You may also read the sales methodology Blue Eskimo, the Real Value Selling ©. It’s all about the value proposition. This describes mainly the only reason, motivation or justification for an organization or company to purchase any product or service. These values ​​are also described as’ buy Criteria “- the reasons for choosing a particular product or supplier over another. These arguments are commercial and can only be expressed in financial terms, or payback, but not the price!

And if nothing, the next time you encounter an object, remember it is only hinted at the need in disguise.


Sales training is not enough


Research conducted by Revenue Storm on the Strategic Account Management Association conference measured 100 Strategic business managers in 48 companies showed they were 35% lack of time allocated to create demand by revenue Storm’s best-in-class benchmark. One potential reason to spend less time in this important area is the lack of skills that Revenue Storm has identified; ie, managing the pipeline, mapping politics, build momentum, bringing executive credibility, providing thought leadership, selling consultatively, messaging and search. These skills deficiencies are further increased when the market is as it is today.

In order to address these deficiencies, you may assess the sales force against the above skills and develop specific training curriculum to bring them up to best- in-class levels. From my experience, sales training is not enough. One way would be to align the organization with sales training by starting to clear go-to-market strategy.

The Go-to-Market Strategy provides direction not only for the sales force but also the rest of the organization. There are four Go-to-Market Strategies that companies can choose. In fact, companies can send all of them, but each of the Go-to-Market Strategy must be consistent with each selling group. The four Go-to-Market Strategies include Transaction focus (for example, cost, commoditized offerings), Process focus (for example, a solution, a one-stop shop selling) Business focus (for example, business improvement), Partner focus (example: equal risk reward and gain sharing).

When the Go-to-Market Strategy has been selected, the sales process and sales roles skills need to be designed and aligned with the Go-to-Market Strategy. Sales management needs to be front and center in this stage where they are instrumental in the successful implementation in the field. Sales management needs to be educated and trained so they can own and lead the implementation process.

Evaluation of the sales force against the sale of roles and skills provides at least two important points: Fitting the right people in the right roles and define the skills deficiencies for each sales representative. Identifying the conditions of eligibility deficiencies salesperson provides guidance for both special education and special training of sales management.

Other measures need to be consistent in the Go-to-market strategy including marketing, delivery, Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal and Finance. All these areas need education and training policy. Marketing will need to provide specific input in sales, developing market messaging and customer case studies. Delivery and Customer Service output must be in accordance with specific policies. Human Resources function can assist with the sale of food, hiring, selection and compensation. Information Technology manages the customer relationship management application and must be consistent with the Go-to-market strategy, not the other way around. Legal and finance will also have to comply with the policy. Large companies have a sales function also helps and brings sales network. When Theses measures are in line with the Go-to-market strategy, the company will avoid frequent complaint from sales people that it is much harder to work with internal processes compared to working with clients.

This holistic approach starts with the Go-to-market strategy and deliberately brings all the features of Go-to-market strategy. So it is not just about sales training, it is about building a rhythm machine that can provide fast acceleration without reduction of under-optimized, heritage, Silo functions.


Sales Training – How To Use NLP and Covert hypnosis to increase your sales


Sales training can often be boring and at worst ineffective. New Era of sales training uses covert hypnosis and NLP techniques.

What are covert hypnosis techniques? These are techniques that allow the sales person to mesmerize their customers while talking to them in order to close the deal.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is used in more everyday in sales training. It is a system of methods to connect with the individual’s wishes and desires and connect to a particular person on a deep and more influential level. Using NLP in sales training can help sales people understand the importance of rapport.

Rapport is the connection people have between one another, and it is very important in sales. When do sales training, rapport building can be taught and modeled.

It begins by connecting with the person as they are. This is done by what is referred to as mirroring

This is when the sales person begins to notice things about the person they are talking to:., Such as breathing, body temperature, location and even how they speak . Pitch and rhythm of speech are important attributes for a sales person to pay close attention to.

When a salesperson has observed this feature with a potential client, then they start to mirror them. In sales training, it is important to emphasize that sales people use this technology as they should be subtle, not any activities that might draw attention.

The point is to make customers feel comfortable and that the person they are talking and dealing with is just like them. This puts everyone in a more relaxed and notes state.

After they have reflected the material time, the sales person should then pay attention to how the subject talks. In sales training, this can be shown, as a salesperson pays attention to certain phrases or words that one uses.

The salesperson will start using these phrases as well. This continues to build rapport with potential customers. Until this point no hard sales pitch is done, and the work of a sales person will be able to achieve the appearance quickly and start to mirror the natural.

next step when they match their language is to match the mood of the customer. If a potential customer is excited, then the salesperson to be excited.

if the potential customer is soft spoken and mature, the salesperson must subtly match the mood of your potential customer is. This deepens rapport. Now potential customers open, receptive and willing to listen to what the sales person has to offer. All of these techniques can teach and practice in sales training.

In Covert hypnosis, possibly influenced by the power of suggestion. These techniques can also be taught in sales training. Most methods involve getting customers to imagine what you are talking about in their own minds.

All go simple hypnotic states several times a day. It is the act of looking inward, sometimes referred to as day dreaming. In the case of covert hypnosis, potential customer is intentionally involved in this situation with a proposal for a sales person.

When a potential customer is in this situation that they are much more suggestible, meaning that they are agreeable to the proposals for a sales person to offer

Here is an example of covert hypnosis that can be teach in sales training :.

A salesperson asks potential customers to imagine a time in the future where they would use a particular product. This is done in a way that does not create a formal trance state. The client responds by saying that they can handle it. This is a simple example of covert hypnosis.

Another part of covert hypnosis tell the client something and then not ask what it is that you are proposing. This is similar to a parent telling their children to keep away from a busy road and suggests they will get hurt.

The child stays away from the road undoubtedly because the proposal was to stay away from the highway without significant child to ask the message is to use covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is often employed in TV and radio. This happens when a commercial place, making very large claims and the listeners agree that they have to have a product without asking her.

This is because there are messages that are sent to the subconscious mind and the departure of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is much more suggestible.

The same type of covert hypnosis can be used in print in newspaper, magazine and Internet advertising. The requirements are very high, but then read them do not seem to question them.

The use of covert hypnosis preacher is all the time, by having to agree heard their message without question.

All these examples of covert hypnosis is used as a sales technique every day and be taught in sales training.

Obviously reading this article you realize naturally you want to learn more about these techniques


The Sales Training Series – Selling With TFBR is


You asked great questions, you have uncovered at least three important customer needs gifts can succeed, and you are ready to start product presentation. Know what you’re going to do now? If you’re like most salespeople, you’re going to lose all of the power you’ve built and perhaps sale, as well by launching a long, boring and standard recitation of product features. Sales Presentation will not even focus directly on the basic needs that you took such pains to identify.

People do not buy the product features. They buy solutions to their own needs.

Customers do not care about the features of your product or even the least of these features offer the world as a whole. Customers Care About one thing only: How can you help me to solve problems or seize opportunities that important to me

What you need is a simple, structured approach to product promotion that allows you to stop irregular action that may be irrelevant to this customer and begin to introduce solutions to the specific needs of point-solutions that are crisp, clear, short and to the point.

There is such a method. It called TFBR. Here’s how it works

T – Tie-back :. Tie the conversation back to the need for you to have previous questions:

“You told me earlier that you want to match the products you stock the needs of each region”

F – Features: Illuminated product feature that meets this need

. “regional purchase our history report will show you exactly what the most popular products in each area”

B – Benefit: Explain how it functions will serve special this needed customer

. “What this means for you is that you will improve your customer service while minimizing inventory needs every place”

R – Reaction :. Ask for your own eyes how the customer benefits would serve the needs. This confirms that you understand just need. Also, importantly, it turns a product presentation in talks with customers instead of monologue of you

“? How will this information help you improve your business”

Cast each product features or skills you present in TFBR format. And present only measures which represent solutions to the needs of you have already discovered and adopted.

The TFBR method will shorten product introductions significantly and make them much more powerful. Why put clients to sleep when you can instead engage them in problem solving dialogue which makes them very happy that they agreed to meet you

in the field?

The TFBR method isn ‘t just for salespeople to meet customers face to face. Marketing experts to support sales and marketing of your company can use TFBR format to help salespeople zero in on ways to promote products and solutions that address the specific needs of customers. Marketing people should think in terms of TFBR process when communicating information about products sales force and customers

Connie Fuller, Director of Human Resources at Ball Seed Company, put it this way: “. When marketing presents information in according to the Action Selling sales training terms, it is immediately more useful to our reps. It also supports our educational and creates great synergy. “


Sales Training Course – announced three brand new steps to market your courses for sale


If you are a freelance sales trainer or if you are running a business that offers sales seminars organizations, this is for you. Here, I share a brand new ways on how you can get your clients to sign up to increase your income in this endeavor:

1. Free Teleseminars / webinars. Prospects would surely want some sort of guarantee that you can offer them exactly what they need, they should sign up with you. Prove that your worth by hosting free teleseminars that these people can take advantage. To make it more effective, I recommend that you talk about pressing issues and provide an appropriate solution. Seeking to impress these people and win their business in no time.

2. Build a relationship with your customers. Based on research, it may well take 6 months to 1 year before you can convince people to buy from you. Build an ongoing relationship with your customers so that people will not easily forget about you. Call them up once in a while, send them a newsletter regularly, and invite them to take advantage of the freebies you. The more you communicate with them, the higher the chances to build relationships with these people. This is what you need to force them to buy in the long run.

3. Be useful. As a seller, you do not always think of all benefits. Consider helping prospective free from time to time. Offer them solutions to their most pressing issues or answers to their burning questions without charging them. When you are able to help these people, they’re likely to return the favor by doing business with you in the future.


Sales Training or TAG Game


Sales training has been identified as organized activities aimed to provide information and guidance to improve recipients or to help him or her achieve the required level of knowledge or skills.

Teaching leading to skilled behavior. The acquisition of knowledge, skills and ability as a result of technology. Planned and organized activities designed to share skills, techniques, methodologies individuals

There are numerous area sales training successful sales person needs to learn

negotiation skills

Interview skills

Closing skills

But all this is putting the cart before the horse.

There are three legs to the success of the chair and the salesperson must master all three.

These three legs are also important to the secretary, housewife, baker, in short, everyone who will benefit from the facility TAG

T. Time management. Learn to manage your time and there is nothing you can not achieve.

A. Attitudes manufacturer or breaker successful living. Learn to control your attitude and the world is yours.

G. goal. You will go nowhere until you learn to set goals and write.

T. Time

Time management is a learned skill. You are not born with organized or disorganized genes. Sloppy skills keep you running in circles and frustrated. Efficient skills let you live a life of devices.

Learn to learn the clock rather than the other way around.

You need to

Setting priorities

Add value to each activity

Find the most beneficial way to spend your time

Achieve your goals or not achieving your goals is a direct result of how you invest your time.

activities during the day will be classified according to their importance in achieving your goals. In other words, activities with the highest priority are those that bring you closer to your goal. They are activities that can not be hidden. Things that only you can make. Mark this as a business.

The second category of activities, you will signal B activities, activities which could include, but would need to be monitored closely. Those activities are best made by you and if assigned, you will be on top of them.

The third category of activities are things that absolutely should be entrusted or hired out. Successful people do not spend valuable time doing C activities. The most successful people know that money on hiring such activities is money well spent.

The second thing to do is to find the Peak Time. When are alive with energy and creativity?

Schedule A activity during peak time. You know when it is.

Are you a morning person, late night or afternoon? It does not, learn to organize your work around when you work best

save many hours with this simple rule :.

Learn how to stop shuffling papers. Most of us are guilty of paper shuffling. . If you shuffle you are losing valuable time

Learn to handle each piece of paper once

When you get all the pieces of paper there are three things to do with it :.

1. Read it

2. Submit it

3. Throw it


“Time is money”

Do not waste it.

The second leg of the stool is your attitude.

A. Attitudes :. Change your attitude and you change your life

develop a winning attitude. Positive attitude change requirements





Continuous efforts are necessary to stay away from the stinking thinking. Look in the mirror every morning and congratulate yourself on your efforts.

Learn new behavior, gain a positive attitude. You might start with the golden rule. It may be old and it may be corny, but it still works

If you have forgotten :. . “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”

Practice ethical behavior in all your work, home and on the road. Ask your self, I would want someone to do this to me?

WW Ziege:

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

The third leg of the stool is to write your goals.

G. goal

When you consider your goals, there are five factors to attainable written mark. It must be:

1. Written – a goal that is not written request. Write clear objectives.

2. Achieve – You have to believe you can achieve it

3 .. Measurable – Can you measure it in dollars or time

4 workable -? Is there anything you can do or learn to do

5. Reward Able – Every goal already achieved must have prizes. Write down what you will give yourself when you reach your goals.

In order to achieve your goals you must have balance. Balance all your goals between your career, personal, family and recreation goals.

There are eight main areas for concern yourself with when you write goals. They are eight major areas of life. Write goals for each of the eight areas:

1. Health and Fitness

2. Entertainment

3. Family

4. Spiritual

5. Educational

6. Social

7. Investment

8. Financial

Financial is the last area because it is a proven fact that if you are obsessed with simply making money, you can not live a well balanced life

last performance tip :. Start

Will Rogers:

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”


I do not TAG something better than these three quotes

Henry Ford .:

“You can not build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

Henry David Thoreau:

“Men are born to succeed, not fail.”

Thane Yost:

“The will to win is worthless if you do not want to prepare.


Sales Training Ideas – 3 keys to sales success


When selling, keep the following 3 keys to sales figures in mind:

1. Motivation

In order to be successful in sales you need to have a high level of interest. This includes a self-starter and driven to do whatever it takes, morally, to be very successful. To achieve high motivation and drive it is important to get clear on what you want to achieve and then why you want to achieve it. The why is very important because if you who is strong enough, you will find a way to do almost anything.

2. Sales Ability

Sales capacity is another key to sales figures. You must know how to get qualified leads, promote your product, close the sale and follow up effectively. In addition, you must have knowledge about your product, industry, and the people you sell to.

If you are new to sales, it is very important to learn as much as you can as quickly as you can. The most effective way to do this is to seek out top salespeople and do what they do. Do not hide the fact that you are new because in many cases it will be obvious. The fact that you are a new fact may be possible in many cases. It is a fact that people want to help others out. Also, to let people know that you’re new tend to have a disarming effect on people and often causes them to lower their guard.

3. Work

When you are motivated and have sales ability, the next step is to work. You have to make calls, follow-up, continue your studies, and to take all other necessary steps to ensure long-term sales success. In addition to hard work, you will also have to work smart.


Sales Training: 4 Essential Skills 2012


Sales training is an important task if you really want to increase the bottom line of your business that have a sales force that can increase your business is a must. It can be tempting to think from the perspective of a sales manager with regard to equal more sales, more sales people. However a broader strategy would be to increase sales from within existing sales workforce by using effective sales training to improve technical selling skills present your sales teams. Here are four skills that every successful sales person has. The good news is that any of your sales people can develop them

1. Persistence and Reflection

with during the course of each sales person is they will encounter numerous setbacks, which outlook reject their product or service. Rejections are part of the nature of the sale and may be the result of a whole different factors. Poor skills selling to be just one of them.

The difference between great salespeople and average is their ability to detect ‘knock back and the underlying cause. Knock Backs can dent confidence and self-esteem quickly it’s great salespeople who can quickly grasp rejection and quickly move on. Poor sales people will typically question themselves wondering what went wrong, bring great sales people instead ask.

What will it take the next time to get a result.

2. Responsibility

Signals best salespeople take them to be responsible for their actions. Salespeople who take on difficult requests and stick to the outcomes will inherently make better salespeople and more sales. They will not shirk responsibility, make excuses for failure or seek to shift blame others for their mistakes. Sales is a process.

When the great sales people get the results they usually follow a certain process. A reflection after sales call can often be found where the issue has become.

3. Adaptability- Tell selling is Dead

The world is changing at an incredible pace and consumer functions constantly change. With the advent of the Internet brought access to lots of information. So often now, throw a sales person or ‘story is checked out online before purchase happens. What separates the best sales people from the rest will be their ability to adapt to new and changing circumstances. There is always something new to learn and those who are set in their ways will not be as successful as those who buy change with the times.

4. Building relationships and close sales

marketing creates a perceived demand for the product or service. Sales team will be using to sell their skills to engage customers to take the next action.

Salespeople must be able to connect with their customers and prospects on many different levels including a personal level. It starts with basic rapport building skills, body language and verbal connection. Over time providing value to the customer will allow sales representatives to earn their respect and customer confidence.

Turning cold prospect into a buyer is the ultimate goal for the salesperson and that can only be achieved through salespeople who master these four main skills.